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Nobody believed that my hair is curly .
In fact, it is somewhere between wavy and curly hair, with effeminate finish around . There is also a commitment to any style , well, George Clooney is a woman.

So for a long time, I worked hard , about an hour a day to maintain straight hair masque . I never put my iron in my checked luggage - a case of lost luggage can discover me . Even my boyfriend was surprised to find my curly hair in an eco- Mufasa ( ie no electricity ) vacation in Tulum, Mexico . "If you still love me after this, then it is serious," I said seriously.

For years I resisted chemical straightening . The truth is that I do not despise my ambiguous ties. They were cute when they were back in the variety of the spindle. But when I was in first grade, my father joked, " You look like Medusa !".

It was a comparison that I said every time I let my curly hair dry wild beach . To "presentable" results, had at least an hour with a diffuser and preferably a pair of hands.
I twirl , twist , straighten and sometimes trim all and start again . Four women curl - disputed explain how they came to go with the flow .
In college, and I am known for my Astropuffs - Clouds bouncing curls that emerged from my signature braids . Friend coined the term in the first year and remained . Even now , the first thing people notice about me is my curls , and I love them . But I was not always this opinion .
When i was a teenager , I was determined to convince my hair into any style fashionable at the time : shellacked feathers Felipe mullet margin expensive (mine , interspersed awkwardly with a spray of episodes ), a leprechaun boy - short resulting in a loop where I was wrong , " Sir "

I longed to smooth my size or virgin Louise Brooks bob , no threading architecture. So I tried booting with the average liquor made ​​it difficult for African-American hair .
But when I left school , and finally changed my mind : I did not want to fit , I wanted to stand out. I realized that straight hair does not match my face or my character . Curly hair strange , eccentric , bohemian - all the things that embody .

Honey has many food and medicinal uses , but did you know that it can be useful in your beauty routine ? Honey is a moisturizer ( which means that it helps to retain moisture ) and emollients ( which means it softens and smoothes ) , which " naturally " makes an excellent moisturizer and conditioner .

It is also rich in vitamins and minerals for use in curly hair care routine can make your curly hair shinier looking , feeling softer , and more generally in a healthy state .

Recent studies have shown that it is also due to its antibacterial properties and anti-oxidant of honey , it can also be useful in maintaining a healthy scalp and promote the growth of your curly hair!

There are many things that you can do with honey , in an attempt to post our deep conditioning honey recipe called "Honey , you need deep state."

6 uses of honey:

The growth of scalp curly hair rubbing

   - A mixture of nine parts of honey with 1 part water in a bowl
   - Use your fingers to rub the mixture directly to the scalp and massage the skin for 2-3 minutes
   - Once was covered scalp , pull the mixture through your curly hair , so that it covers the hair from root to tip
   - Leave the solution on your curly hair for up to 3 hours , then rinse thoroughly with warm water
   - Repeat once a week

Straight hair have long been envied but now it perfectly fulfills its cascading curls. On the red carpet or in the city , curly hair of people are still a lot of effects . And while some stars were spoiled by nature, others are trying somehow to display a wild hair and it is rather successful. Cosmo  tracked down the most beautiful hairstyles to adopt emergency .
It is well known , when one has curly hair, we tend to smooth ​​hair.But that was before .
Loops , symbol of femininity and glamor are back in people who fully assume their natural hair.

Curly or frizzy hair is often dry by nature . Fragile and difficult to style, curly hair require special attention. Choosing the right hair products , have the right moves and control your hair, we will give you all the tips and tricks to take care of your frizzy or curly hair.

SOS curly hair : the right moves

Curly hair or frizzy hair, styling your hair is a hassle . You dream of being able to tame your mane , unfortunately you do not know how you take to have pretty curls disciplined . We tell you everything you need to know to beautify your curly hair master .

Often curly or frizzy hair are sensitive , fragile and dehydrate quickly. So you must maintain your hair regularly with appropriate care if you do not want to end up with sauerkraut on the head.

I have curly hair, what to do?

While maintaining your curly or frizzy hair starts with a good shampoo.

We recommend shampoos containing shea butter, argan oil , sweet almond or avocado , specially adapted to moisturize hair curly or frizzy .
Curly hair is more fragile and dry than others by nature . Often rebellious also , because they are misunderstood ! Keywords for maintenance are : nutrition, hydration and delicacy.

Firstly , love your curls ! I know that fashion conveys an image of beauty based almost unique model of a smooth and brushée hair but have a lioness mane is an asset that should be proud .

I say this to bring you to the issue of heating appliances . It is better to avoid daily brushing your curly hair and all kinds of irons. They literally burn the fiber will become porous and difficult to repair.


For washing , choose soft shampoo without silicones, based on wheat germ, olive oil , shea butter or avocado and containing conditioning agents . There is also the so-called "no- poo" technique that involves not wash your hair with the conditioner ( which also contains cleansing agents in the formula ) .